Our programmes benefit deprived, marginalized and excluded communities across Pakistan. These programmes are particularly directed at two highly vulnerable groups - women and children.
  • Children not attending school
  • Disadvantaged Children/Women
  • Individuals in disaster areas
  • Persons with disabilities (PWDs)
  • Poor Rural Communities
  • Vulnerable youth
  • Displaced persons (due to war, natural disasters etc.)
  • Trapped children (e.g. in child labour or slavery conditions)


In 2011 unlike the previous year heavy rains inundated the area of Sindh that is rich in high valued crops and fruits. Most of the cotton belt of the area was destroyed. The water still stands in the field and water logging is adding to the problems. The floods have taken a heavy toll in Sindh due to losses of crops, affecting the economic activities, livestock, shelter and increasing health issues. During the visit by the team on October 15 and 16 it was observed that a large swathe of land was still under water. The water logging in the area is adding to the problems. Access to the peripheral far-end villages is still restricted. The roads connecting the worst affected villages are washed away and inundated. The situation is even further complicated in areas where the local administration with their field functionaries/ workers are part of the affected population or communities hence their contribution for recovery and rehabilitation is compromised.

Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Welcome to SWO

SWO is a community based, charitable and a non profit Registered organization, to fulfill the basic needs of the low income category, and establish a prosperous society filled with moral values, dignity and self respect. Poverty alleviation, Early Education, Environment development and conservation. Human Rights, Community Health Care, youth and Women Empowerment, and Rehabilitation of the differently baled are the key components in our mandate. As a non ethnic and a non religious organization we strive to build up peace and co-existence among the communities at national level. Being successful in executing poverty reduction endeavors, Being a national NGO, SWO has acquired vast local knowledge and the sensitivity to ensure that our activities benefit those that are targeted as we are in constant interaction with the Government, the private sector, other NGOs and community-based organizations, we have built-up a strong network and local as well as international support.

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General, United Nations

The growing trend among Southern countries to look not only to reducing poverty within their own borders but also to raise the development prospects of other developing countries is exhibited across a range of countries, including strong emerging economies and other South-South pivotal countries.







Saharo’s vision is of a world in which every child is educated, protected and valued and grows up to turn the tide of poverty Our mission is to empower economically backward children, Rural Women, Disadvantaged Communities through knowledge, Advocacy, health care, education, vocational training and commitment Empowerment of marginalized and disadvantaged groups and strengthening efforts to build self-reliance and to bring them to the mainstream of society
  • Reaching the Unreachable
  • Comprehensive Community Development
  • Development of Human Capital
  • Gender Equality
  • Empowerment
  • Environmental Sustainability